Frequently Asked Questions

What type of information will we record about you?

We log details electronically when we receive a notification for emergency or booking for patient transport services.

If one of the ambulances attends you, or you are transferred between hospitals by ambulance, information collected about you will be used to help us identify, treat and provide you with better services. This will be written on a patient clinical record along with details of your symptoms and condition, and any treatment we give you.

If you receive patient transport services, we will record details about where you live, where we will be taking you and some details about your circumstances.

Will my information be disclosed to third parties?

We will not disclose your information to third parties without your permission.

How do you know your records will be kept confidential?

MyAid has a legal duty of confidence to their users and the Data Protection Act further defines how we can collect and handle personal information. MyAid also has an additional set of guidelines to ensure users information is handled in accordance with legal regulations.

We will seek your consent before we release information that identifies you to any third party for any other reason than those set out in this guidance and the regulations. We will not pass information that identifies you to another person or organization (including friends or relatives) without your knowledge or permission unless we have an overriding legal duty to do so.

What are the rights over my information?

You have a right to see all personal or clinical information we hold about you. However, please be aware that we are entitled to make a small charge to cover our costs.

If you believe any of the information we hold about you may not be accurate, or if you have any concerns about us collecting and using information about you as outlined here, please make necessary amendments or contact us at

How do I request for an ambulance?

We automatically use your default location set in your profile. If the default location is not your current address, use the GPS or Wi-Fi to set your pickup location. You may also enter an exact address or search for a venue name by tapping the pickup location bar. We also recommend entering your destination in the bar underneath the pickup address if you would like to change your preferred destination.

Once you’ve set your location and destination option, tap “Proceed” to request for an ambulance.

Is MyAid available in my city?

Currently, MyAid is available in the Klang Valley. It will expand soon. Subscribe to our newsletters to be informed and updated.

Can I opt to pay cash?

At the moment this service is unavailable.

How to add or change a payment method?

Use your app to add or edit a payment method anytime. Head to Account and Payment > Adding a Payment Method.

How to add a promo code?

If you have a promo code, enter it anytime before a schedule booking.

To enter a promo code:

1. Select promotions from the app menu.

2. Tap add promo code.

3. Enter your promo code and tap apply.

Can I cancel my request?

Emergency or scheduled booking requests should only be made when you’re ready and near/ at the pickup location. This enables operators and ambulances to operate efficiently on the MyAid platform. Sometimes you may wish to cancel a request after a driver has accepted it.

MyAid will not refund any payment after cancellation. The fee is intended to compensate driver-operators for time and effort spent heading toward a pickup location.