About Us


Malaysians can now request for emergency ambulance at the touch of a button. The request goes immediately to the nearest operator, where highly trained staffs are able to respond and dispatch an ambulance directly to the scene through GPS tracking. As a result of this technology, response times will be reduced, which is critical in emergency situations where time can save lives. By utilizing the technology we can reduce the time it takes to respond to emergencies. This additional capability will allow all ambulance operators to deliver a more efficient and effective service to the community.

With the mobile phone as an ever-present object in our lives, it is important that Ambulances play its part in delivering the digital agenda. By launching MyAid we are building on the success by providing an additional source of support to the community in times of most need.

Why MyAid?

MyAid is an Emergency Medical Dispatch (EMD) provider that provides a platform for ambulance operators and healthcare services to meet the public needs. By downloading the app, users can always get themselves connected to the emergency services 24/7.